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Snowboard and Ski Protective Gear for extreme Sports

Snowboard Ski Protectors

Snowboard protective equipment as Impact Shorts, Kneeguards for ski, Ballistic Vests , Demon Back protectors, Komperdell Cross protectors. Extremely safe protection with maximum comfort that is our goal!

Heat pads reuseable WarmUp

Heat Cushion neck warmers, back warmers, hand warmers from WarmUp and Heatpaxx Hotpacks protect against cold and heat. Heating pads for humans and animals, special attention for horses with the special designed WarmUp Heat Cushion.

Neckwarmer WarmUp

Snowboard Protective Gear

Sports protectors on our English-language website. Sports protective gear for snowboard and ski in english.

Toewarmer Footwarmer Heatpaxx

Heating Pads Foot Warmer Toe Warmer Heatpaxx Hotpack up to 6 hours. HeatPaxx foot warmer for cold feet.

In Shop CYES

Handwarmer Heatpaxx up to 7 hours of heat for cold hands. Handwarmers are often used during sports and work.

Website in the Netherlands

Handwarmer information for visitors in the Netherlands. Reusable Heat Packs how to identify good quality. How to take care of a constant tingling in hands, fingers and feet.

Play Trend with Cold Packs reuseable.

Cold Pack reuseable NL

Reuseable Cold Cool Packs for cooling down.

Play Trend WARM UP Warmth Cushions.

WARM UP Warmth Cushions

Hotpacks resuseable WARM UP Warmth Cushion

Snowboard Helmets Ski Helmets Air System

Skihelmets Snowboard helmets Store. Ski helmets and snowboard helmets with Air System that revolutionary system. Ski Helmets and Snowboard Helmets can make a difference.

Powerball the Original

Powerball Nanosecond the original Nanosecond Powerball Regular / Basic can produce more than 15000 rpm ± 18 pounds of force. Powerball dynamic giveaway. .


Today and the Future of Play Trend with its first website in 2001 back in time.


Website in English language and wrist protectors in in English.

Wristguards presented in the Netherlands

Wrist protectors for snowboarders, skaters and inline skaters with studies and results in Dutch.

Play Trend with Cold Coolpacks English.

Cold Pack English

Website English Language information about Cold Coolpacks.